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Dettol burn on face

Sir i got dettol burn on my face in the month of may after 20 days i visited to a dermatologist she prescribed me some medicines and a cream for 15 days which healed the scar a bit ,i again visited her she prescribes me one medicine and cream for one month which healed the scar a bit again third tym i visited that dermatologist ,this tym again she prescribed me one medicine and a mometasone furoate cream which healed the scar a bit then i thought to discontinue visiting to dermatologist beacuse the scar was visible bt nt tbat much ,everyone suggested me not to visit dermatologist again ,bt in these three months i notices whenever i used to be in sun the scar gets red ,thats what happened after discontinuing the medicines ,evwn i use sunscreen ,first i use spf 30 and on top of it spf 15 bt even after that it becomes red ,one day it was itching very badly i applied the last cream that day in night and it got healed bt redness is again on my face ,when i am stretching that area nothing is visible that means there is just redness on my skin ,sir i just want to know how to get rid of this redness ,i am just fed up sir ,plz suggest me something i really need it badly because its my wedding next year ,plz suggest me what to do
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It can take some time for redness to heal up from a burn- itching can be a sign of healing taking place, but if it's still causing you issues, give the doctor a call and let them know what you are experiencing.  
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