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Discoloration of skin color surrounding the buttock's area.

Posted by Joe kelly on July 26, 1999 at 10:32:10
The skin color on my buttocks is much darker and scarry looking than the rest of my body, it looks like the pores are clogged, how do i make the color the same as  the rest of my body?

Posted by DERM M.D. ASR on July 26, 1999 at 22:28:08
What you're describing is possibly a variant of normal.  Some people have accentuation of the follicles on their outer arms and legs, while others show the same trait on the buttocks too.  The term "keratosis pilaris" applies to this, which refers to keratin protein (which all of us are covered with)bunched up in hair follicles.  It's a common hereditary trait.
It's also possible you have inflammation of the hair follicles, also common, especially in the groin.  This subsides on its own, leaving long-lasting dark pigment (you don't mention how light or dark your normal skin is.)
What's almost certain is that you don't have a disease, contagious or otherwise.  If you're concerned, show a dermatologist.  While it's unlikely he or she will be able to change your skin color in a meaningful way, at least your mind may be set at ease.
Dr. R
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