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'Dry' knuckles

About a year ago I remember the knuckles on my index and middle finger on my right hand were very dry and cracked. I kept applying moisturiser and eventually the problem started to go away, but it still doesn't seem like it has completely disspapeard: Although I wouldn't decribe the knuckles as 'dry' anymore, they still have a dry almost 'wrinkled' appearence that my other knuckles don't have. I have moisturised CONSTANTLY since I noticed this but it doesn't really seem to make any difference. I have tried the whole water sealed in with vasaline thing, thinking that it might be dehydration, I use hand cream all of the time, i drink lots and lots of water and i've even condidered my diet, but I'm running out of idea's! Is it more likely to be dehydration, or not enough oil? Or is that the same thing?!

I have also had the same kind of problem with my lips: They LOOK red and cracked, but don't feel sore or dry. Somebody recommended vitamin E for this so I recently started taking supplements to make up for the lack of it in my diet and have noticed an improvement there, but not with my knuckles!

Also, the problem looks worse when I have put some kind of strain on my fingers (or the skin), e.g when I have been writing, or carrying heavy bags! I know i skin is constantly streatched it causes ageing, but my mum who is 50 has carried a lot of bags in her time, and doesn't have this problem so why should I at age 19??

I realise it's not the most severe sounding skin concern but it has been bugging me for ages and I can't find anything on the net about it, so I'm desperate for advice!

Thank you in advance,

Jo, UK.
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I'm not sure what you have, but whatever it is, moisturizing and drinking water aren't likely to help much.

You may well have a mild form of eczema, which can cause the skin to look "wrinkled."  I'm confident you aren't aging prematurely.  I advise consulsting a skin doctor.  One look should clarify the issue and result in appropriate recommendation for treatment.  Meantime, it's best to leave the areas alone other than to apply hand lotion once daily.

Take czre.

Dr. Rockoff
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