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Dry-red bumps over my body

I have been getting a considerable amount of dry-reddish bumps over my body. they are not clumped together, the bumps are spread out, and they are on average the size of... half a M&M, not too big at all. They don't itch, but recently one of them started to kind of itch a little. My face is getting pretty dry and flaky. Some of the bumps look like they have been scabbed. please help i'm kind of scared.
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Hmm, i really don't think it's caused by measles, chicken pox, etc, and i don't think they are ring worms either. I don't have a fever or any other signs of sickness. I did not swim...i use the same brand of soap/lotion...i am not allergic to anything(or maybe?)
yea these bumps came over night. oh they are not really bumps either...they are discolored reddish-scaly dots... i guess i should go to the dermatologist. lol
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It will be difficult to assess this since this is only a verbal communication. However, red bumps that affect large parts of the body  may be due to infectious or immunologic causes. They can also be a manifestation of an underlying disease process like scarlet fever or chicken pox.

Now, I do not want to cause further worry.I suggest you seek consult with a dermatologist or your primary physician to have this properly assessed.A complete medical history and physical examination may help.

Have you changed soap or lotion lately?

Any history of allergies?

Have you eaten something that could have caused the appearance of the lesion?

Have you any infcetions recently?

Took any medications?

Did you swim in a pool or exposed yourself to the sun ( sunbathe)?

Keep us posted for anything.
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