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Extreme Sensitivity to glan area of penis

Hi Doctor.  I am going crazy here.  I have an extreme sensitivity to the glan area of my penis.  It is fine when I am not wearing any clothing, however, the second I put on underwear,  I cannot even think straight.  My legs get jumpy and it fells like someone is constantly rubbing the tip of my penis.
I had a sexual experience (protected) almost three weeks ago.  I tested negative for any std's.  Yeasy infection came up negative as well.  I have no other signs of anything else except for a little urethra pain after urinating, which is now gone.  
I was wondering if this is a sign of Herpes.  How long before someone sees warts or blisters from herpes?  I have no fever or chills, etc.
I did see a urologist, and he examined my prostate and said it was healthy but full.  He prescribed a uristat and told me to unload my prostrate and that I did not have any diseases.
Well due to the urination discoloration on my underwear, I have been pouring pure bleach on them and letting it soak.  I then wash my underwear.  I noticed the other day that when I put the underwear in the dryer, they still smell strongly of bleach.  I bleached the area of the underwear exactly where my penis rests in the pouch of the underwear.  I quit doing this immediately when I figured it out.  I am wondering if that is why I am in such extreme sensitivity pain.  I find it hard to concentrate, eat, and sleep.  Different parts of the head of my penis are sensitive at one time or another but only when I wear clothing.  Do you think the bleach has played a part in this?Should I see a dermatologist or do you recommend something over the counter?  I have tried aloe vera gel, no help, and Vitamin E pills, by popping them and spreading it on the head and tip of my penis.  Is this something that will go away over time???  It has been about 13 days of sensitivity now.  I found I have to take a sleeping pill at night in order to get some rest.
Thanks for any help...
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Sensitivity is not a sign of herpes.  It may be from the bleach, and since you really don't need the bleach, you ought to stop using it.  It may from worrying that you have an STD.  Please try 1% hydrocortisone (over-the-counter) twice a day, use a mild moisturizer, and if the sensitivity doesn't leave you alone in 2 weeks, have a skin doctor check it out.


Dr. Rockoff
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