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Genital warts transmitted to your face?

Good day,

I unknowingly performed oral sex on a female who had genital warts at the time. My questions are. Can genital warts be transferred anywhere else on the body besides your genitals and in your  mouth/lips. I am aware of oral warts as a potentional risk. I am more concerned about facial warts however. I seem to have tiny cloudy dots that are under my nose near my cheek. I visited my family doctor and he said they seem to be normal lesions that should go away. I also visited my dentist and had a successful oral exam. My lips seem to have been getting red marks on the top lip mostly (upper lining near the moustache I guess). I used some Abreva and it seemed to help the red spots (I have had cold sores before..one or two). It does not seem like a cold sore however. The area around my lips and under my nose/near my cheeks seem to be quite irritated. Mind you im constantly poking and prodding.

Have you ever seen genital warts on the actual face itself? I'm very concerned. I've read everything there is to read on the net. Looked at every forum. I just cant find the answers Im after. With the 2000 character limit I feel I can only express some of what has been happening. I've never had skin problems before. I'm 24 and relatively healthy!

So again, can warts occur on your face from peforming oral on someone with genital warts?
Can they appear anywhere else if they can indeed spread to your face?
Have you ever seen this happen before?

I read someones note on a yahoo site saying that he had genital warts on his face and so did his girlfriend. That got me very concerned. I am also ware that flat warts can appear on your face but I just know that it wouldnt be the case for me.

Thank you very much.

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Welcome to the Dermatology Expert Forum!

Statistically, genito-oral transmission of HPV is a rare occurrence.  I have never seen genital warts on the facial skin, but I have seen plane warts and filiform warts located in facial areas you mentioned (caused by different genetic types of HPV than anogenital warts).  

Wishing You Optimal Health,
Dr. Jasmina Jankicevic
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