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Glans penis

I am 65 years old and uncircumsised. Long-time single partner, with no other sexual contacts. Since 1975, I have had intermittant prostatitis problems, and have been treated a few times for this. The best treatment was only in 1999, when I found that zinc supplementation helped, and the newer better penetrating anti-biotics helped.
On three occasions, associated with the prostatits, I have had dermal problems on the glans-penis.
On the first occasion, I suspect a thrush-like fungal infection which resulted in the skin layer peeling off from a large section of the glans penis (1995). The possible cause here was the anti-biotic that I was taking for the prostatitis, was interfering with the normal bacteria living under the foreskin.
On the second occasion (Jan 2007), the skin appeared to have numerous small herpes blister like eruptions. This was cured with anti-fungal and anti-biotic treatment.
The third occasion, the eruptions were like small craters, and very red. This confused the doctor that I went to in Australia, since anti-fungal and anti-biotic treatment did not help. He subsequently gave me Elocon cream 0.1%, which cured the problem, although it took about 3-4 weeks.
My question to you is: would it help me to try to get used to living with the foreskin pulled back over the penis, in order to make the glans penis tougher and also keep it drier, and not have the type of problems that I am now having? I can at present keep it back for about half to one hour without much swelling, which then makes it uncomfortable to pull back to being covered. As I have aged, the foreskin is looser.
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As best I can tell, you have irritation of the glans that happens every now and then.  I think you're best off just exposing the glans to the air now and then, but you don't have to do it for extended periods regularly.  Lubrication should help to, with petroleum jelly or any moisture lotion.  "Toughening" is not necessary.


Dr. Rockoff
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