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Hair Casts

I believe my 8 year old daughter has hair casts.  We have had problems with nits/lice before.  After much research, I'm sure what I am seeing are hair casts.  They are white and thin and are stuck to the individual hair starands.  However they break apart and I am able to remove them with my fingers by sliding them off.  They come off easily unlike the nits which require my fingernails.  Also she has had these for what seems like forever and they have never evolved into lice.  She has dark brown hair, so I notice them when I am fixing her hair.  How do I treat this problem?  (By the way, I have also ruled out DEC.) Will a dandruff shampoo help?  We never use hair sparay or gels.  All she does is wash her hair and use a conditioner.

I have stopped panicking now that I know and can easily recognize that these are not nits, but I would like to improve the situation and eliminate them if possible.  What can I do?  Thank you,
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You really can't do much for hair casts, but then again you really don't have to.

You might try a shampoo containing salicylic acid (Sebulex for instance.)  But if that doesn't work-and if your doctor agrees that these aren't lice-I'd ignore tham.  They can be mistaken for lice but they're only a variant of normal, and never evolve into anything.


Dr. Rockoff
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