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Lotrisone Steroid Cream Reaction

I went to the doctor last week with red, somewhat sticky, and sensitive areas on each side of my scrotum. I have not had sex in over ten months so I thought I had a yeast or fungal infection. The doctor gave me a prescription for the anti-biotic doxycycline and lotrison lotion with anti-fungal/steroid. The first two days the lotrisone cream seemed to work like a charm. On days three and four my entire scrotum became bright red and began hanging extremely low with unbelievably loose skin. Finally I developed swelling and a dull pain in my right testicle and I stopped using the lotrisone. The next morning I woke up and after I urinated I had a clear sticky fluid (like pre-ejaculatory fluid) come out of my urethra. It has been four days since then. My scrotum is still looking and feeling very strange and I still have small amounts of the clear sticky fluid coming out after I urinate sometimes . My scrotum looks better in the mornings but as the day goes on it becomes more and more saggy and red. I have been to two different doctors and I tested negative for STD's. I now believe that I may have overreacted to a lesser problem like eczema and my new symptoms are all due to the harsh steroid in the cream. I am very distressed about the look/feel of my scrotum. I wish that I had never gone to the doctor who prescribed me lotrisone. I never had any swelling or urinary problems in the past. Is it normal for a steroid cream to cause such intense redness and extreme sagging of the scrotal skin? Am I ok? Will my scrotum ever return to normal? Thankyou for any advice you can offer to me. I truly appreciate your help.
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You can relax--Lotrisone does not cause damage to the scrotum, permanent or otherwise.  The steroid component of Lotrisone is most likely what made the irritation of your scrotum get better (irritation is what I think you had, not yeast.)  When inflammation goes down, so does the swelling.  I think what you're seeing now is just what the skin looks like when it's healing.  You can ignore the redness and sagginess.  I suggest you just don't look for a month or so, if not longer.  

I don't know what to make of the fluid coming out of your urethra, though, since that has nothing to do with your skin issue.  You should ask your regular doctor about that.

Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
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