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Penis itch and breast itching and flaking

I've been in the same relationship for over 7 years but had a one-night stand of unprotected intercourse with a woman I met at a bar last June. I am also not circumcised and prior to last Nov. have never pulled the foreskin back for any reason.

Since June I have had irritation around the tip of my penis and a white fluid under my foreskin (almost like semen).  In August, I had swollen glands in my throat and was tired for about 10 days. The symptoms were similar to mono but I never went to the doctor. I also tested negative to an at-home HIV test in December.

For about 3 weeks in September, my wife suffered from terrible night sweats and shaking and received no difinitive diagnosis from her doctor but was tested for everything from the flu to every STD that can be tested for with a blood test. Nothing came back positive.

In Nov. I saw a urologist who gave me a cream for the white discharge (I can't remember what he called it). It seemed to work. Since the visit I have also been pulling the foreskin back daily so the tip can get air and to wash the tip of my penis. I notice that the tip is not so sensitive anymore and has changed to a more skin-like color.

After I stopped treatment, some of the symptoms returned.  At times, the irritation is really bad and I notice little white bumps on the inside of my foreskin and red, pimple-like bumps on the tip of my penis.

During a second visit to my urologist in February I was told that the irritation and red bumps are normal as a layer of skin forms over the tip of my penis now that it gets air. However, if I go more than a day without cleaning under the foreskin the irritation is terrible, my tip has red spots, and there is more of that white fluid under my foreskin.

Also, I don't know if it's related, but my wife has had terrible itching and flaking of the skin around the nipple on one of her breasts. She also mentions bumbs on her aereola.

I have not told my urologist or my wife about the one-night stand which could be affecting what is being considered. In addition, she is about 20 weeks pregnant so we've both had whatever routine blood tests are performed to check for STDs and diseases.

Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Based on the other postings you seem extremely knowledgable and are excellent about replying quickly.  Thank you.
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Your wife's nipple rash is probably eczema, and therefore unrelated to anything.  Over-the-counter hydrocortisone should take care of it.

Your penis symptoms sound innocuous, just as your urologist says.  I'd advise ignoring the red spots, as long as they come and go, as you describe.

As to the fever and sweats you and your wife had, these could be from any virus.  I understand your worry about HIV, but the negative tests several months later are reassuring.  I guess it would be additionally assuring if you get another test more than 6 months from the encounter, just for more certainty.  But I think that all that's really going on is your putting two and two together--the encounter and the later penis rash-- but they really don't sound like they add up.

So have yourself and your wife tested one more time in couple of months, and just forget about it.  I will leave up to you whether you ever want to tell your wife about your indiscretion.


Dr. Rockoff
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