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Pruritis like conditions

About a month ago, I switched face wash/moisturizer. The first few days were fine, but then I started to have a bad reaction to it. My skin felt raw and like it was covered in fire ants, but there was no visable rash. I discontinued use, but the symptoms did not go away, even after switching to my typical skin products. In fact, the symptoms spread to my entire body. Itching and burning from head to toe, yet no visable rash. Through process of elimination, I self diagnosed myself with a 'fragrence allergy', as this was the common ingredient in all products that seemed to be giving me trouble. I switched to all free and clear products and did experience SOME relief. At home, I was feeling fine, however, when I go to work, the symptoms come back, getting progressively worse throughout the day. I attributed this to the fact that people are walking around my office with products containing fragrance (lotions, perfume). I got an air purifier for my office, it didn't help. In the past week, I have been to urgent care once and the ER twice. I have been prescribed loratadine, hydroxyzine, 6 days of 20mgs of prednisone...the prednisone helped a little, but was back to square one after it ran out. The hydroxizine only helps if I take 30mgs at a time rather than spread out throughout the day. The loratadine seems to do nothing. I ended up back in the ER after a day of being at work and symptoms not going away after being at home. I was given a shot of 125mg of steroids and a medrol dose pack. That was two days ago and the symptoms are back as strong as ever. It seems to be changing though. Still, there is no visable rash, but my skin feels almost like it is covered in chemical burns and I am very uneasy. I have a doctor appt on Tuesday, but feel like I can't last that long without relief. Please, please help me!
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I'm so sorry about the reaction you had and issues you are seeing as a result- does a cold bath/shower help give you any relief?  
A cold shower does provide relief...just until the next time I have to go into an environment that I cannot control. I switched from loratadine to Zyrtec and that actually has been controlling it, if I take a pill in the morning, mid-day and sometimes evening as well. The good news is, my nurse practioner said that I am not crazy and set me up with an allergist who I will see within a couple of weeks. Hopefully, the Zyrtec works well enough in the meantime.
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