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RED CHEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a 24 yo male and I have always had gentle red tint on the cheeks of my face. Early this year I was diagnosed with rosacea by a local (KY) dermatologist. I assumed that I had rosacea, and I began to research the condition to great depths. I discovered that rosacea is a commonly misdiagnosed condition assigned to individuals who possess facial redness. In fact, the more I researched the condition I discovered that facial redness is the only symptom that I have in common with sufferers of rosacea. Over the last two years my skin has became increasingly sensitive to many of the products that I have traditionally used throughout the past (I.e. Nivea men’s shaving balm, Neutrogena Face wash, and the list goes on). Nevertheless, I discontinued these products and worked towards “sensitive skin friendly” products such as cetaphil, cerave, and Eucerin redness relief, etc. I am leaning towards the fact that I may have KPRF instead of rosacea, but I am not for sure as I am not a trained professional. I would love to visit another derm, but I am a broke “college kid” without insurance at the moment. I can include pictures if needed, and I am sure that would be required for any diagnosis via the internet. I have always been a capable, confident male, but the facial redness has caused me to fall in to a trap of self conscious thought where I am obsessed with checking the tint of my cheeks throughout the day (it is very common for my cheeks to redden, and lighten throughout the day). This is my first post, please help me!
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Hey Tcutter4,

I definitely understand how facial redness can affect your self-esteem. This physical trait can be particularly frustrating as the redness only worsens by the embarrassment of it! Not fun.
However I can assure you that there are things you can do to lessen, if not eliminate, the facial flushing. It is just a matter of an accurate diagnosis or understanding of the cause.
From your description it does not sound like KPRF, as that generally includes a rough, bumpy texture of the skin along with the redness. As far as rosacea's concerned-- do you notice broken capillaries/blood vessels upon closer inspection? Or is this a more evenly-balanced redness on each cheek that comes and goes? Do you notice a warmth along with it? Can you feel the inflammation?
Some fair-skinned individuals have pink undertones while others have yellow. Those with pink undertones appear to be more prone to blushing as the blood is more easily seen through their skin. You simply may just fall into this category and experience more persistent blushing because you are constantly self-conscious of it.
Caffeine, alcohol, hot temperatures, spicy foods and nerves all play a big role in flushing of the skin, so be wary of these. Any facial products containing additives/chemicals/alcohols,etc. are no-no's, whether they're labeled "sensitive skin" or not. Neutrogena, Nivea, Noxema-- don't waste your money. Stick to all-natural, organic facial washes and creams. You can find these at health food stores.
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I found relief from my rosacea after following a gluten free diet.  I looked it up on the internet and found other people that also found relief from this diet.  I'm not saying it's everyone's rosacea cure, but maybe it will help you.  It takes me about 6 weeks on the diet to lose the rosacea.  Maybe look the diet up on the computer and see if you'd like to give it a try.  If you would like to try it, you can leave me a message for help with it.  
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It can be due to sensitive skin or rosacea. Treatment options vary from antibiotic creams, antihistaminics, sun screens to laser treatment. A dermatologist’s evaluation will be the best. Also if it presents in certain stressful circumstances then treatment includes anti anxiety medicines and beta blockers. Severe cases may need endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS).
I hope it helps. Take care and regards.

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