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Rash on one eyelid

Hello, I have had a rash on my left eyelid for about three or four months now.  The rash is dry, flaky, sometimes itchy and a dark red/purple color.  Sometimes when I wake up in the morning it is swollen and my eye won't open fully until after I take a hot shower.  Any ideas?  I thought it might be a reaction to a product I use on my eye area, but it's only on one eyelid!  It is especially bothersome at night.  Thank you for your reply.
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You are quite right that having something on one eyelid is not a reaction.  More likely it is eczema, a local sensitivity usually no triggered by anything in particular.  I recommend that you try 1% hydrocortisone twice a day on the lid.  If it's eczema, it should get much better in 2-3 days.  If not, let a doctor have a look.  Don't use hydrocortisone constantly in that area, but a couple of days is safe, and should tell the tale.


Dr. Rockoff
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