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Red hive-like itchy bumps and rash

Hello, My name is Danny and I'm 19.

A few days ago a red hive-like bump formed on my right testicle.  I assumed it was nothing, however over the past few days I have formed 5-6 new ones just on my testicles, one on the very upper, inner left thigh.  This would normally strike me an allergic reaction to some sort of change, however their has been no change.  My clothes are washed with the same detergents, I shower with the same soaps and shampoos.  Diet has been extremely normal, nothing different.

However, the day after the first bump appeared I was checking for more and I found a small insect that looked like a tick attached to the underside of my testicles.  Now there was no design on the insects back it was just a gray body with a white head and red mouth (Assuming it was from the blood.)  From what I have read ticks usually carry certain designs on their backs, especially deer ticks which is what this one looked like depending on it's size.  None of the signs of infection or limes disease have appeared yet so I'm pretty certain it didn't have that.  However I am concerned with just the fact of it being there and now all of a sudden I am getting these itchy bumps.

Please help me in finding out what this may be.  Thank you.
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An insect bite is a primary differential here based on what you have posted. I suggest that you seek consult with a dermatologist promptly for a complete physical examination. Scabies may also be a differential here, however, itchiness is a prime manifestation for scabies and the  rash associated with scabies appears to be linear like tracts.

Your dermatologist may request for microscopic evaluation of skin scrapings in the area to rule out a fungal infection and scabies.

Wash your linens and check for any signs of insect or mite infestation at home. Do you have any pets at home?

Was there any history of recent travel or prolonged outdoor activities?
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After this started happening I washed everything.  The clothes I had been wearing were clean, all of them.  My sheets were washed only last friday.

We have two dogs, Golden Retriever and and Yorkshire Terrier.

I have lived with goldens since I was two months old and this one that we have now has been living with us for almost four years.  The yorky has lived with us for almost four years also and I haven't had allergic reactions to them before.

Only recent travel is that I take an two hour train once every two weeks.  Last time I was on one was the 27th of last month.  Outdoor activities are nothing out of the ordinary, don't play sports.

We had have our home checked and sprayed for infestations I believe every year or every half year.

The rash is just a red and gets brighter after itching.  Itching happens randomly, that could be due to movement though.
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An objective assessment by a dermatologist will be able to help at this point. A rash in the area may be due to several things like insect bites that caused a dermatitic or allergic reaction, a fungal infection , a minor skin irritation or even a sweat rash. An antihistamine may be able to relieve the itching for the mean time. However, a microscopic evaluation of skin scrapings and an assessment by your physician will definitely guide you through this.
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Thank you very much for your help, I am going to make the appointment first thing in the morning.
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