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Red line and bump

I have a two questions/concerns: First, about 4-5 months ago, I noticed 2 very skinny red/pink marks on my upper thigh/slightly inside where my torso meets my thigh. Each is approx. .75"-1.0" in length and approx. .125" wide. Typically, if I'm standing, it's just a light pink color, but still noticable since I'm very pale in that area. If sitting down, it's a bit closer to red. There is no pain what-so-ever. If you pull the skin, the areas sink in where you can feel the divet. When normal, you basically can't feel anything, no dent, no bump. I went to a GP, they had no idea and thought I should see a dermotologist. After looking more, I have a very, very light, but similar pink mark on my inner thigh, on my other leg, but it's much more faint and only .50" in length.

Second, on my penis, the head, where it meets the shaft, I have this bump, it's been there for sometime, don't know when. This has no pain, and is almost numb. It's a very small little spot, but it's actually hard to the touch, also has a little hole at the end. There is no discharge, no scab, or anything of that nature, its a tiny bump that worries me.

Thank you
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The lines are stretch marks.  These can be brought on by the use of strong cortisone creams in the groin, but they can also come spontaneously, even in non-obese people who exercise and lift weights.  In any case, they fade from red to off-white all by themselves.  No treatment is available.

The penis bump looks like a cyst, perhaps with a scab on it from scratching.  Not a problem.

You should see a dermatologist, who can clarify both points in 3 minutes, and save you time from thinking, reading, and macrophotography.


Dr. Rockoff
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