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Scrotum like snake skin

Please explain why this happens ?
What might cause this ?
Is this normal ?
Is this something to be concerned about ?
Is this a sign of urinary infection that a male might get ?
Then how would you explain this ?

Conditions are this: some times my Scrotum
Turn into a tough leather like skin, like an old
person full of wrinkles, like a snake skin.

Then other times it is very soft and smooth very normal,
Like the skin under your arms limbs smooth and soft.

What the heck is this ?

Please answer in full as I have paid you.
Point me to things I could read to understand
what, why, how..
Thank you.
Kind regards, /s/Gary
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The only condition your description reminds me of is eczema, which itches and causes the skin of the scrotum to thicken.  Eczema is often hereditary and is not a fungus or infection.  Of course, you may not know of family members who have eczema, because people don't necessarily talk about it.  Stress makes it worse.  It is nothing to be concerned about, just diagnosed and treated. It has nothing to do with urinary tract infections--it's just on the skin.  Hydrocortisone helps.  You can read about eczema on many websites.  But nobody can diagnose it for you without seeing you in person.  You need to see a sin doctor in person for proper diagnosis and treatment.  Take photos with you of the skin in various stages.


Dr. Rockoff
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