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Spring tails bugs in my hair for almost 1 year causing itchy scalp

Hello Im having the same condition

I've been having an itch scalp for a year now thought it was lice but then i discovered it is spring tails attached are the pics after i used all over the counter lice products. Im sure they are spring tails no doubt

Plzz help i dont know how to get rid if it

At night while sleeping i also feel some bugs  (spring tails )crawling on me sometimes in my private parts and sometimes i feel something on my eyelashes and few times in my nose   but the most common is that i have itchy scalp and when i combed my hair few times i found this bug (spring tail)

Plzz help

I went to a dermatology . He said just have shower in another bathroom as the water tape may have spring tails

I live  (north Africa) . I live in a district full of trees

At night when i go to bed i feel itches in my scalp and body and some times private parts and sometime on my eyes

Many time i combed my hair to find one or two of these springtails but when i use vinegar it disappears and come again after

I think the reason this springtails infested my room maybe one of the following :

1) I bought a new wooden wardrobe one year ago which smelled so bad that I thought the wood is bad or rotten but I put all my clothes in it  . And every time  i wear any clothes from the wardrobe I have itches all over my body.Maybe this springtail  lived in my wardrobe and clothes and so came to my hair. I even think it now lives on my bedroom although i bought a new bedding few months ago

2) a year and half ago i went to bali indonisia and i had severe itches from a bug that lived in the 4 stars hotel called harris in the bedroom so maybe that was spring tails and it transferred from Indonesia to my country in the travel bag and lived in the bag until i opened it again a year ago

3) maybe the water that comes from the tap contains spring tails

I just want your advice please. Why does this bug likes my skin and my scalp although i read it should live in the soil . Plzz help me with ur advice to get rid of it . I currently use citronella oil it makes things better n help me little to sleep
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I'm not sure if you have access to an extermination service in your area?  If you do have someone like that, that you can call- I would go that route and have them check out the property.  
Here's some information on them and how to get rid of them from an extermination company located in the US-
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