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Why do I develop red pimples or folliculitis after sex?

This is the third time the problem has occurred. After hours of fairly intense sexual activity I have developed a red raised node similar to a pimple at the top base of my penis. (In the pubic hair growth along the edge)

The first time it resolved itself after a few days.  About 2 years later, same circumstances, a day or two after sex another forms. I cleaned it thoroughly and am normally very hygenic anyway. Applied an antibiotic ointment daily. After a month of no improvement saw my doctor who removed it surgically. He said at the stage it was in it was doubtful it would have healed.

Pathology returned a follicular skin infection diagnosis.

Cut to today, after hours of intense sex I have developed a red pimple like node in the same place. This showed approximately 36 hours after the sexual event. So what gives???  I get out of bed and check my penis for color and geographical landmarks. What are these, or, what is the best source to determine what they are, why I get them repeatedly and how to resolve this?? What woulb a good broad spectrum antibiotic choice to carry for this? Cephalexin?

I travel extensivley and internationally. I prefer to carry some US meds along.  Any advice or answers?
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First of all, please consider avoiding doctors who take biopsies of penile folliculitis on the grounds that, "at the stage it was in it was doubtful it would have healed."

Sex produces sweat, which can "clog pores" and lead to folliculitis, which is what it sounds like you're describing.  This is best left alone.  A topical antibiotic cream like bacitracin or neosporin, no doubt available anywhere, may help speed the process, but benign neglect is best.  Careful inspection  of the "penis for color and geographical landmarks" seems excessive, and the manipualtion involved may delay healing.


Dr. Rockoff
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