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body itching, skin very sensitive

Dear all, 
On late october 2015 my lower leg started itching due to some bug bites (flying insects and bed bugs). Since then, this area (lower legs) itches sometimes and I have now some other areas itching as weel... there are no Rashes but it itches in very specific points on my back, head, arms and face. 
I'm experiencing a difficult time (anxiety crisis) and I'm wondering whether this itching condition could be due to that. 
Help me pls!
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Anxiety comes in many forms...there aren't many symptoms that cannot be traced to anxiety...which makes it very hard for doctors to figure out our ailments.
Many doctors now give prescriptions for anxiety before they will test you further, so this could be the case.

I'm not sure how your weather is, but if it's drier than normal, it could be winter skin.
Try using moisturizers for a week, and avoid bathing or swimming for as long as you can.  Things such as eczema are made worse by water.
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I've experienced many different anxiety symptoms over the years.  At the time it always seems like this symptom is "really something" and not just anxiety causing it.  I would suggest seeing your primary doctor just to reassure you that you are okay.  In the meantime I found this website and thought it might be helpful for you. http://www.anxietycentre.com/anxiety/symptoms/itching-burning-skin-no-rash.shtml
Take care, and just know you are not alone in your struggles with anxiety.
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