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red sore on my left butt cheek

I am completely puzzled about a sore that has appeared on my left butt.  It is red and tender to the touch, and radiates from a hard raised sore - like having a small bump or hill that is round and about the size of a quarter.  At the center of the quarter is something odd - like as if I have been bitten but I really don't recall a bite.  It feels, swollen, and warm, but it does not bleed (but surely if I scratched it enough i could make it bleed, but I think that's true anywhere on the skin - you could scratch until it bleeds.  The radius of the sore, red area is about two inches.  I have no other rashes, bumps, of any kind on my body.  
I am 36 and have no health problems.  I am at MOST 15 pounds overweight.  I have never had a weight problem. I am 5'8", 155, and medium build, female.  I am not sexually active because I am temporarily geographically separated from my boyfriend (not emotionally apart from him!). I am sure that it could not be an STD.
The sore is towards the top half of my buttock.  It does not hurt to go to the bathroom in anyway, and I recall having a little diarrhea about a week before the problem arose, but it was nothing excessive, and I associated it with eating WAY too many onions on a pizza! :-)
I hope this is enough information.  I at a loss at what else to write that might be helpful.
Thank you!
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It's common to get pimples in that region.  They come for no particular reason, hang around for a while, then gradually go away.  They can be sire at first.  I advise you to not scratch it, to apply bacitracin or neosporin ointment (both over-the-counter) once a day, and to show the spot to a doctor if it continues to bother you.


Dr. Rockoff
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