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Blood Sugar went to 400 mg/dl


I was recently detected diabetic, after my Post Prandial report came as 400. But after couple of days when i again did my FFS and PPS , it was as below :
Blood Sugar Fasting : 109 mg/dl
Blood Sugar (PP) : 258 mg/dl

The Sugar in Urine was shown as 2%.
Also I did my Bilirubin test which was shown as 3.7 mg/dl.
I did a ultrasound as per doctors recommendation, in which it stated as "Fatty Changes in Liver", other were mentioned as normal.

The Doctor recommended me for taking medication for the Bilirubin ,as per him it was more of his concern. Also he said that the ultrasound report was ok. I went along with his direction, and so far its been a week but my Bilirubin count is still the same. But the FFS and PPS has shown a change:
Blood Sugar Fasting : 168 mg/dl
Blood Sugar (PP) : 209 mg/dl
Sugar in Urine was Nil.

But still the Bilirubin count remains the same as 3.7.

I am in a confused state. What could be the reason for my sugar to go up till 400. And why there is no change in the Belirubin count. Can someone please suggest me if I should change my doctor ? Also, is there any relation between Belirubin count and the Blood Sugar?
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Hi and thanks for using the forum.

A fasting blood sugar (not eating or drinking 8 hours prior to the test) greater than 126mg/dl on two seperate occassions will indicate diabetes.  

Also, a random blood sugar (done at any time) greater than 200mg/dl and symptoms of diabetes (increased urination, increased thirst, and/or weight loss is another set of criteria that indicate diabetes.  

A blood sugar of 400 is concerning and definitely warrants further work up.  The elevated bilirubin also needs to be addressed.  Your primary care physician should be able to address these issues.  IF you are confused about your treatment, then you should ask your primary care doctor to clarify.  There is nothing wrong with getting a second opinion or seeing a different doctor if you are unhappy with your primary care.  

I hope this helps.  Good luck.

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