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Looking for SSRI less likely to cause hyperglycemia

I'm a lung transplant & kidney transplant, with diabetes.  My diabetes is a combination of types 1 & 2 - it's Cystic fibrosis-related diabetes.  I use insulin.

I take lexapro for depression caused by prograf, a drug similar to cyclosporine.  Prograf is my primary drug for stopping rejection.  The lexapro works GREAT, but raises my blood sugars substantially.  What anti-depressants, SSRIs or TCAs, have less an effect on blood sugar levels?

My steroids are 2 mg/day; the lexapro has substantially more effect.  And I'm not in the post-surgical period: it's been 13 years since my double lung transplant and 20 months since my kidney.

Thanks in advance for ideas.
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From what I have read, SSRIs as a group are thought to potentially improve insulin sensitivity and even insulin secretion, so there should be other options for you to try. I do suggest speaking at length with your doctors about switching from an antidepressant that has been very effective for you. If you can keep your blood sugars controlled with an acceptable medical regimen and stay on the lexapro, consider that as an alternative to switching.
TCAs are thought to potentially raise blood sugars, so keep that in mind too.
As always, it is best to speak with your doctors who know you best...
Take care.
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