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What am I doing wrong?

Last Spring I had a fpg test which showed a blood glucose level of 107.  In December I had a fpg of 114.  I am 54 years old, 5'10", 170 lbs.  I ride a stationary bike 3 to 4 times a week for 20 "hard" minutes a ride.  I do 80 push-ups every day.  I do 50 sit-ups with a 25 lb weight on my chest every other day.  I work-out on weights every other day exercising different muscle groups.  I take brisk walks with my German Shepherd Dog every day and I also throw big sticks and big kongs for her to run and catch for 30 minutes every day.  When the weather warms up I swim and play golf.  I'm also lifting and carrying my invalid mother throughout the day every day to bathe her, do her toilet, feed her, put her in and out of bed and her wheel chair.  I think I have a well balanced diet and I do not over eat; however, after I have put mom to bed I like to enjoy a couple of gin & tonics (non-diet) or rum & cokes (non-diet) at night in front of the television.  I take 2 & 1/2 spoons of sugar in my coffee and 3 spoons of sugar in my ice tea.  I don't eat candies, cookies, cakes or ice cream or any other kind of sweets.  I have an aunt who had diabetes, but no other relatives that I know of.  What am I doing wrong?  
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I commend you on your active lifestyle, it seems that this is a good priority for you. YOu certainly could use less sugar in your drinks(and I encourage that)  as this does contribute in your diet. I would also encourage you to try to limit your drinks to one per day. Keep in mind also that carbohydrates as a group, not only sweet things, affect blood sugars.
You may not be doing any one thing wrong as the cause. There are many individuals with abnormalities in their glucose metabolism who have very little family history and are not overweight.  The fasting glucose is not a perfect test but the fact that you had repeat values that were not quite normal makes me think there may be some abnormality there.
In future consider doing a 2 hour glucose tolerance test as this can give some additional information regarding glucose handling. It is not as common, but you may have too little insulin(instead of insulin resistance) as the cause.However all of this should be determined after further testing of your glucoses).

Keep active as you are and try to cut back on the added sugar and alcohol. Every little bit you can do will help.

Take care.
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