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Why did I have a protein electrophoresis test?

I have recently been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. I have diabetes II, insulin dependent. I have been numb in my feet for a while. About 4 months ago I started getting really bad, burning pain in my feet and legs and cramps too. Went to a neurologist for an exam and had an emg. The emg showed that I had severe neuropathy was in my feet, hands, arms, and legs. He believes that something instead/in addition to the diabetes is causing it. I had more blood and urine tests and will see him again in a few days.

I just got a bill for a protein electrophoresis test. What is that?
What else could I have in addition to the diabetes?
What are some good questions to ask him when I see him next week?
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The serum protein electrophoresis test is a diagnostic tool  that measures specific proteins in the blood. There is also a urine electrophoresis test that measures proteins in the urine. Both tests work by using an electrical field to separate the proteins into groups of similar size, shape, and charge. Each of the groups will move through the electrical field at a different rate, creating a pattern. These patterns are used to help identify various diseases.

This test is part of a wide battery of tests that can be done to find the causes of neuropathy. In your question you do not state what other tests were done. Most likely you had blood tests to check your thyroid, liver, and kidney function as well as blood sugar, a metabolic profile and a blood count.

A few questions to ask at your appointment:
*What tests are being performed?
*How do I prepare for the tests?
*What are the treatment options for my neuropathy?
*What are the benefits/risks of any treatments?
*If medication is prescribed-What are the side effects?
*Are there any resources for support or additional information that you could recommend?

I hope this helps. Good luck.

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