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type 2 and pneumonia

I am 45, with type 2 and have had pneumonia 3 times in left lung -- different spots --within last year. Is this a common issue as a diabetic?  (Also I am diagnosed with von willibrands and factor 8 blood issues.)  It seems the diabetes and pneumonia are keeping me in a maze of various specialists and thus delaying some surgery to resolve some other issues.
Suggestions on how to get one doctor to find time to look over all my conditions?  
Would an endocrynologist be more helpful than an internist?  
Do you have any recommended sites to help me understand all the medical markers, terms and blood work results from labs?
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I am afraid that people with diabetes are more prone to pneumonia and infections in general, especially if your glucoses are not tightly controlled.  A good internist can manage diabetes quite well but if you have a complicated history(as you do) I think an Endocrinologist will serve you best.
The American Diabetes Association has some very helpful information on their site(www.diabetes.org) but I do not know if it will emcompass all the lab info and markers that you have, given your specific situation. Give it a look, hopefully it will give some good answers. If not, you can repost your questions here and I will try to help.
Take care.
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