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All Aboard - Make a List

OK .. here we go .. back on the track together!  

So, after having a few medical and weight setbacks, I woke up this morning with a renewed spirit and, thanks to a very dear friend who helped me last night, started today with a "LIST".  Now, if you know me, I am a list freak .. I make lists and love to cross off the items as I get them done because it gives me a sense of accomplishment and lets me know I "am" getting things done.  However, as I started to make my list, it soon became quite long and I felt overwhelmed as I realized I could not possibly complete my list in a day.  My friend's simple answer, "then shorten your list."  

Sometimes the simplest answers are right in front of us but we can't see them.  That's how it is with losing weight as well.  We tend to look at everything at once, the total amount of weight to lose, all the exercise we should be doing, what will we eat and do we have to give up those things we love forever .. and we become overwhelmed before we even start.

So .. let's do this the E A S Y way!  Here's my list for today .. what's yours?

1.  Set alarm and get up at a normal wake-up time (7:00 am).
2.  Weigh (Yep .. get on the scales and record it!)
3.  Fix a nutritional breakfast (2 eggs and 1 piece of dry wheat toast)
4.  Shower and get dressed (Yep .. always makes you feel better to get clean and dress appropriately.  Today it is jeans and a t-shirt, but nice ones .. not tattered and not baggy.  Trust me .. it makes a difference.)
5.  Clean bedroom (This is where I relax and regenerate and it needs to be clean and tranquil.  It is part of making "me" a priority.)
6.  Laundry (This is a necessity since I've been sick and haven't done it.)
7.  Make MedHelp Post (Doing this -- check -- another one crossed off my list.)
8.  Answer 2 days of MedHelp updates (That is next on my list.)
9.  Call utility companies regarding balances and see what arrangements can be made towards payment.  (This one is most difficult but just like the weight, can not hide my head in the sand .. it won't go away it will only get worse.)
10.  WALK - First exercise in a long time and mentally and physically need to be in the sun and see nature.
11.  Write an article for my blog.

That is the shortened version .. the one I originally came up with was not realistic.  I will be pleased if I get this one done .. plus cook my meals and rest.

Come on team .. my dearest friends .. we simply must join hands and do this together.  Just as your love and support helped me through a difficult time with Michael's death, Kalista's leukemia and my abdominal abscesses .. we can help each other to take on this weight challenge and help each other be strong and gain courage and believe in ourselves .. WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER!  It is so much easier than trying to go it alone.

Come join in ...
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Oh .. now I know I can't be the only "list" maker .. so ..

And, if you don't make a list .. what is your strategy????
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Hey Ranae! Nice to "see" you again!!!

I'm not making a list, however...but I have vowed to get back on track. Things have been a little tought at my household. My Grandmother's Cancer has spread, so emotional eating got the best of me. I haven't been doing my normal walking routines, I've just been dragging myself on the 6 blocks I have to walk to work and thats it.

But tomorrow is a new day!!!!! My weeks normally start on Sunday, but I need the extra day to start again. My weight tracker is ending soon and I'm getting worried I cannot make my goal of 250 as I wanted to. But I AM NOT losing hope. I will be back on track tomorrow. I vow when i awake tomorrow to take a nice 1 hr walk in my area. I have been eating my normal 5 meals a day, but some choices I have been making are not the right ones.

I vow to also lose another 10lbs before I see the doctor in July. It's not my goal, but its closer enough. I dont think it would be healthy to try for the 24lbs I really need.

With that said.... I will be on track tomorrow and that is a promise!!!!!

Good luck to everybody else!!!!!
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Hi!  I am a list maker and breaker (side bender), but generally do well the majority of the time.

1.get up (alarm set) at 9:40 a.m.
2.turn on computer & get e-mail
3.set up cappachino drink & breakfast bars
5.get snail mail from mailbox
6.eat breakfast
7.take allergy pill & vitamins
8.do some research on computer
9.get dressed for work & get accessories on
10. make sure all snacks & other take to work items are in my bag
........stopping at these

Once I get to work, the gloves are off as I don't know what I will find.  Each day with the residents is different according to their mood, if they fell, etc.

I am working on my weekend list.  I fulfilled getting the dentist appt. yesterday morning for my youngest daughter to get 2 wisdom teeth extracted on the 8th of June 1 p.m.  Of course she was concerned about what shape she would be in considering she is graduating later in the week.

Glad to see you back Renae and back on the track, stronger and more determined than ever!!!!

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I've had a consultation with an Ayurvedic practitioner and she gave me a list of things to do in the morning. So I am trying to alter my routine.

1. Wake up 5-5:30 am
2. Wash tongue with tongue scraper (yah, it's weird, but I'm trying it)
3. Drink water from copper cup (don't ask, it's some Ayurvedic thing)
4. Shower
5. Give myself a lymphatic massage with sesame oil
6. Lie on my back and elevate my legs for 5-15 minutes.
7. Get dressed, makeup, brush teeth.
8. Go to work................eat breakfast 7:30-8:30

I'm trying not to eat small meals now throughout the day. I'm trying to just eat 3 sensible meals to give my colon time to rest in between meals. I'll let you guys know if this works for me.  Also - no caffeine - killer.

Hope to be healthier and maybe lose some weight besides. Just started this. Wish me luck.
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I don't keep a specific list, but my day starts pretty much as follows:
1) alarm goes off at 3:35 am
2) get up and take thyroid meds
3) go to kitchen, let dogs out and turn on coffee pot
4) back to bathroom
     a. brush teeth
     b. shower
     c. dry hair
5) get dressed for work
6) by now at least 30 minutes have passed since thyroid med and I can have coffee..
7) go back to bedroom/bathroom to finish getting ready for work.
8) back to kitchen to feed dogs
9) clean up dog dishes, etc
10) eat breakfast (not much - as it's only 4:15 by now and who wants a lot at that time
      of day??? It's usually just a hard cooked egg, english muffin w/peanut butter, etc)
11) check bag for meds & other necessities for the day, snacks, etc
12) leave for work at 4:45 am
From there, all lists are useless because I never know what's going to come up during the day.  

PMoon, I remember you said you were going to Ayurvedic practitioner.  Ayurvedic medicine has been proven to be very helpful over the centuries.  I hope it works for you and please keep us posted.  
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I will. I just started. The hardest part is no snacking. I was one of those people who constantly ate all day - little meals - sometimes just fruit. But she is trying to get me to eat bigger meals 3 times a day. She said the colon needs time to digest and rest.

The other thing is giving up caffeine. I love my iced tea, especially in the summer. But caffeine, you know - bad.

I'll let you know..........
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