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Sunday Weigh In January 3, 2021

Good morning and Happy New Year... So here we are - into a new week and a new year.  I hope everyone had a good New Year's and is ready to move on... I know I sure am.

It's been pretty quiet here and New Year's Eve was spent at home - no party, no guests - just us and we were in bed shortly after 10:00.  How exciting!!  :-)

I'm still nursing my foot, but it does seem to be getting better.  I have 16 more days left in the boot, then hopefully, I'll be able to get back to "normal", whatever that is these days.  

I saw my primary doctor last week and we discussed my thyroid issue.  I explained to him what the endo's attitude had been and that I wasn't willing to continue with that.  In view of that, my pcp is going to take over my thyroid management and the first thing he did was increase my med dosage.  I don't think it's going to be enough, but it's a start and any increase is better than having someone tell me I'm "fine" when I know that's not true.  

My blood pressure was on the high side so my pcp did prescribe a beta blocker for that.  It seems to be bringing my blood pressure down, but is also decreasing my heart rate (what beta blockers do), a bit too much.  I'll have to see if that continues and act accordingly since my heart rate is very low anyway.  

My neuro ordered physical therapy for my neck, along with an MRI to see what's going on since I've developed a couple of skin issues related to the narrowed openings in my spine.  They'll also be doing nerve conduction tests when I go back in Feb.  

I'm still trying to get out and walk as much as I can... right now, with my foot not healed yet, I can still only do short walks at a pretty slow pace, but at least, I'm moving again.  

I'm also trying to cut back on food - not working quite like I'd hoped, but better than I was doing - at least not snacking as much.  

That all means that weight-wise, I'm about the same as last week.  No loss, but at least not a gain, either.  For right now, I'll take it since I do still have some swelling in my foot, etc.

Being back on my foot a bit more means I can get back out to my shop and start working on some things.  Yesterday, I cleaned everything up and went back to work on a little table I'd started refinishing back in the summer.  It was that table, I'd gone to get supplies for the day I broke my foot... Hopefully, I can continue working on it without any further issues.  

We're waiting, now, to get the COVID vaccine in hopes that life can return to something like normal.  So far, it's been somewhat chaotic in my area, but I'm hoping they get it worked out soon.  Patience is a virtue.  :-)

So that's my story.  How was your week?  I hope you were able to reach whatever goal(s) you set for yourself and that your New Year has started off on a good note.

~~Wishing you wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**

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Wow, Barb, you are sure patient about your health issues. I'm glad your regular doc upped your thyroid dose, that's a start, right? And hope your broken bones keep healing.

We're still staying at the farm, and haven't been over to the other house except occasionally later in the day, a time of day when I didn't have the heart to weigh myself because I usually weigh in before eating anything. I guess I'll have to be content with a two-week gap in my weight chart, and will cross fingers (given this has been Christmastime) that I didn't put on a lot! We haven't been eating big meals, but have been eating casually, like a sandwich at 11 pm. That seems to work for my son, his skin looks great and he obviously hasn't gained weight, but I don't know how it's worked for me. (Kind of not looking forward to getting back on the scale to find out, honestly!) I'm hoping that just general attention to amounts will carry me through. One good thing is that we haven't been to the grocery store much, meaning I haven't grabbed cookies, chips or some other snack  and tossed it into the grocery sack. Maybe that will help. :)

It was mostly a quiet holiday for us, also,  except for a lot of Zoom calls with the family. I think the nine of us have spoken five times since December 19. My son's birthday is coming right up, so everyone will Zoom again.

One bit of good news is that my sister, an opthalmic tech, got her first Covid vaccination. It's really out there, and in the hands of someone who will administer it. She got her shot on Christmas Day at ten am! Anyway, it gave us all hope that they might get around to us some day.

If I get over to the other house before eating some day soon, I'll check my weight and write in. Otherwise, have a good week!
I'm not really all that patient - there just comes a time when there's little (or nothing) I can do to prod doctors along and faster.  :-)

I think the holidays is a good time to have a gap in your weight chart.  I can't imagine eating at 11 PM - if I did that, I'd be awake all night with GERD (acid reflux), but if it's working for you, it doesn't really matter when we eat - it's mostly what.

It's wonderful that your family is doing all the Zoom sessions.  That's a great way to have those "gatherings" we can't have in person.  Unfortunately, my family isn't doing much of that (at least, not with me...lol).  In fact, I even had a disagreement with my son (grown and lives in another state) the day after Christmas, so I won't be hearing from him for a while.

I'm excited to know that there really are vaccination shots out there.  My county had an online sign-up, which my husband and I have both done.  They're supposed to call to set up appointments when it's out turn... Last we heard, there was something over 65K people signed up and they only had a fraction of that number of vaccinations available.  We have no idea where we are on the list, but I'm not expecting that call any time soon... Surrounding counties have had total chaos with their vaccination programs, so I do hope my county doesn't end the same.  

Have a great week and happy birthday to your son when his day rolls around.  January is our "birthday month", with my husband, son, daughter and 2 grandsons all having birthdays later in the month.
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