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Divorce Attorney Husband divorcing my friend

My girlfriends husband is a Divorce Attorney. He's divorcing her,they have kids,he's threatening her with sole custody if she finds a way to fight him.
    I say that,because he has frozen all the money in the bank. Even if she chose to fight she has no money to pay a lawyer.     I want to help her hold it together. What things can I say to make her feel like life is worth living?  Pamela
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Has your friend considered legal aid???
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I don't think there are any "specific" words to say.  You should just be there for her and help her in any way you can, i.e. listening to her; checking on her to make sure she is alright daily, etc.  

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Right you are Londres. She loves dogs. Pit bulls. I went online & found a picture of three of the most absolutely Adorable baby puppy's. I sent the puppy picture to her & said, these guys are for you today.
  She already emled back,.saying she Loved them & it was like a gift.
   Thank you both for your help.  Pamela
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Yes, just be available to listen without trying to solve her problems.  I know that is hard and we want to 'fix' things for our friends.  But it is better to just stay in a support role.  If you feel she is slipping into depression, a suggestion to talk to her doctor and treat it is appropriate between friends.  

Wishing her all the best and you too.  It's hard to see our friends go through a difficult time.  peace
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