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how do i keep my family together and happy.

I love both my children and my wife more than anything . Times have been hard for the last few years were always at eachother over it . I see it as test of our strenght where she has given up i dont want to give up on our life but its never me who can call the shots when push comes to shove now my stomach is twisting knowing my kids will not love m the way they should there only four and one and dont know whats going on just that their mummy is upset and daddy isnt there.
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clearly your wife isn't willing to communicate, but you need to make it obvious to yourself and your children that you are making every effort possible to sort things out.. or at least to be in their life. i don't know where you live, but may i recommend relationship counselling.. i'm happy to point you in the right direction if u can tell me where you live (not precisely of course but city/state/country would be great
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I am sorry I might seem harsh about this, but I know from my personal experience when i was 8 that I was happier when my parent divorced far more than when they were fighting all the time.

If therapy don't work, then sadly, it's WHATEVER is best for the children. If they are old enough, you might want to find out how they feel about this.

I am sending prayers and best wishes your way, I am sorry you are going through this.
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