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8 yr old min pin acting very strange

Hi. We have an 8 yr old spayed min pin about 15 pounds. We have had her since she was 6 weeks. She is acting very strange for 24 hours. Our 3 yr old min pin & 12 yr old border collie are fine.
Mini (her name) won't eat anything at all. She is drinking water a lot and attempts to dig in the water bowl. She has alittle bit drool dripping from her mouth & vomits clear egg white looking stuff about every 20 mins or so. Sometimes a lot sometimes just a bit. She acts like she wants to make a bowl movement but fell over on her face when she tried. After wards her front leg is sticking straight out like a board for almost 30 mins. Than she dragged two of her legs when walking for almost an hour. she jumped in the laundry basket and started digging & did the same to her dog bed. She won't lay down more than a few minutes & than starts pacing the floor, drinking water etc..
She is also raising her head up & bobby it up & down. Her nose is cold & wet. Her eyes are watering. Has anyone had this happen to their fur baby? I did call her vet & they can't see her until Monday. I called ALL the other vets & found one that will see her at 5pm tonight. I can't tell you how devestated our family is. We don't have dogs, we have 4 legged fur children. Every pet that's added to our family has been here for life no matter what. I am so afraid of losing her but can't find any vet to see her sooner.
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I'm sorry, to hear about Mini....It sounds like it is a good thing that you can get her in to see a Vet today. I guess if this were happening to me, I would bring Mini in right away, in hopes that they will be able to see her sooner. The way I see it, you can wait at home, or you can wait at the Vet's office. Just being there may give you a little peace of mind.  I hope that all goes well. Please let us know what they find out. My thoughts are with you and your girl.
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She has pancreatitis. The inflammation caused a bowl obstruction and infection.they flushed her bowls and gave her an antibiotic, steroid and inflammation/pain shot. she went home with the same three medicines as oral drugs. she can only eat 1 tablespoon at a time of a special can food made for intestinal problems. no more snacks, bones, or people food. Only 1/ cup water at a time.She didn't have to be put down as I feared she would. She was still throwing up for awhile and very sick but she seems to be feeling a lot better now. She is still on the meds and special diet and schedule.We have a check up today and I am hoping she can start to eat more food because she does have an appetite now. So far we have paid $1100 but her life is priceless to us.if we had waited until Monday she would most likely have died.
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Wow!! So glad this turned out well....Great job!!! If you find she won't eat the presciption diet for Pancreatitis, there is another (Much healthier) food, extremely low in fat, that can be used as a replacement....I have only found one, however, the ingredients are exceptional compared to the prescription one, which is not so good.....

Glad you were able to save your little one.....I'm delighted for you.....Karla
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Just reading this and glad to see she is home.  They didn't send her home with Sub Q fluids at all?
My daughter fostered then adopted a Chi mix a few years ago.  She too has chronic Pancreatitis and my daughter's Vet bills are now well over $3,000 and that is with her being able to do a lot of care at home.  Everyone knows not to feed this dog anything!  My daughter does give her small treats on occasion, but I am not sure what.  She was on Science Diet prescription canned food fir a long time.  My daughter has moved and has a new Vet that suggested feeding Hydrolyzed diet by Royal Canin.  I am not familiar with the food but think she is doing ok on it.  Of course, this condition can eventually take it's toll.
Good luck and please update.
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She didn't come home with sub Q. They did hydrate her twice with a needle under her skin and two big bubbles of water. To day she is still ok.
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