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Diet and exercise

My GS dog is 4 years old and has been kept on a veg diet   Any harm if it's veg    We also give Veg Pedigree &   one egg daily   It is active but should have more fat on itself   people say   Looks thin at times      We feed it twice daily with some biscuits
and milk in between   Is the Diet OK

Next  though it is vaccinated    it has bitten 4  5 people     Are they prone to biting     How to prevent it  

Pl advise
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I treat my dogs as humans sometimes very spoilt. But come on they are dogs they need meat. If the poor dog had a mouth it would say "feed the man meat"
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I really do not like the sound of this post.It sounds as though you have a very unhappy dog on your hands also you call her it ! that is a worry .
As stated.... you are in danger that this poor dog is going to bite again I do not blame her I would feel the same being fed a meat free diet not enough food and being called an it.I venture to think that you have not had much to do with these wonderful animals you need to do something quick! get to the vet I would guess she is suffering from anemia for a start.For her to get to this state is just not on.
Remember they feel pain, hurt and love as we do.
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I'm guessing your a Vegan? Dogs are NOT vegetarians - you should correct the diet. Milk isnt well tolerated by adult animals, Most adults are lactose intolerant, but some animals seem to like it even tho' its not good for them. Biting is a behavior problem than can be corrected but maybe she's afraid of people or feels threatened or feels the need to protect her owners, but I wouldnt say dogs are "prone" to biting - there's usually a reason for it. Ask your vet's advice on these problems
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I have heard of vegetarian diets for dogs. I have heard that they are good, etc. But unless there are extreme allergies to meat (quite rare, but CAN happen) -a dog should have meat, or meat/fish as a large portion of the diet.
They are omniverous, yes, moreso than cats are. Meaning that they can digest, and obtain nutrients from vegetables. But they are not as much so as humans.They need meat protein. Vegetables, although good and healthy to mix WITH the main food, shouldn't make up the larger portion of their diet. They really are not intended, by Nature, to be vegetarian.
Their systems are geared-up for meat. (or animal/fish proteins) And it could be that your dog has a certain amount of malnutrition.
I know that is not what you intended. But it needs fixing.

Do some research on healthy dog foods, and find one that is a very good quality balanced food suitable for your dog. I'm afraid I can't advise about which brand, exactly, as I live in the UK, and we have different foods available over here.

Biting people is not on. The next bite could bring the legal order to have your dog euthanized.
I am not the behavior expert around here, but I will do what I can to check out what you need to do to help him, and this situation. And get back to you.
Meanwhile, get a muzzle. And when your dog is anywhere near people, and just MIGHT be tempted to bite, he will have to wear that muzzle!. That really is the safest thing to do for now, until you can find a way to change his behaviour, which is not only possible, but has to happen -believe me.
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