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Bell’s palsy

Hello dear experts , im boy 33 years old , i experinced bells palsy 4 days ago , i went to hospital the doctor gives me prednisone 50mg 1 tablet for 6 days , cyclovex and 200mg 3 times/day and eye lubricant .. after 3days course i didnt feel any improvment and so i feel worse , today i begin to take neorbion oral 2 tablets/day .. ... what you advise to me , my last year test i have CMV igg posetive ... may this from herpes or hiv ?? The doctor says this could be cold sore , also i have sore throt and body pain byt no fever .. my body temp is orally 37.6C in day activities at night 37.2C and finelly in the morning 36.6C
Plz advise and help i have big confidance with you
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Srry i post in wrong community
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