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Birth control, bleeding, anorexia recovery


I have a weird question that I can't seem to find others with the same issue.
I have been on birth control pills for 7 or 8 years now. About a year or two after starting it, while I was still at a healthy weight (pre-ED), my period became lighter and lighter each month until it basically stopped. I asked my gynecologist about this and she said with the particular birth control I'm on, this was expected and normal and nothing to worry about.
After I developed anorexia, I of course still didn't have a period but my doctors didn't attribute this to anorexia since I hadn't had one even at a healthy weight.
I've been at a healthy weight for about 8-10 months now and haven't had a period then either , as I'm still on my birth control.
However, the past pack of my birth control, I've had a few days of random spotting or bleeding. None of this has occurred during the placebo pills where I would theoretically get a period if I were to get one, its in the middle of my pack.
Is this my period trying to break through or what? Whats going on with me?

Super paranoid.
Thanks for any words of wisdom.
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