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Is this Endometriosis?

I have to go see a gynecologist because the internal ultrasound I had done showed thickening and irregular area in the lining of the Endometrium wall 12 mm in size.The uterus and ovaries were not enlarged..Is that a good sign?Now I need a biopsy to test for cancer.What are the chances this is cancer and if it is was it caught early enough?I am scared to go through the biopsy.
I have often thought I had signs of Endometriosis.Would that cause the thickening they saw on the ultrasound?Could it be fibroids?I have been spotting the first two weeks after my period ends on and off for a few years.Some months every month and other months not at all.My periods have always been heavy.I go between 30 and 38 days between periods and it lasts 6 to 7 days.The birth control pill used to regulate me and help with the length but I have not been on them since 2002.I have been through a leep procedure,cone biopsy and had polyps removed over the years on my cervix.But never had cancer.I had precancerous cells that could of turned into cancer many years later if I did not get it taking care of.The polyps were totally fine.We just took them off to be safe safe. I thought I had done everything right.I have tested negative for HPV and the Doctor said since I am married that really I don't need to have checkups for 3 years! I'm the one that goes in every year and a half against her wishes.My recent paps pap smear in August came back fine.If this is not cancer what else could it be?Thank you for any thoughts and advice.
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I'm not sure it is the first time I were in this forum or not?  Recently, I went through what you have mentioned as above.   My previous pap smear turn out pretty bad.  The Gynae thought I have the stage 3 cancer.  I personally don't agree and don't believe it.  I wait for a month later, do another pap smear at the GP office.  It turned out mild.  Then I was advised to repeat in a year.  A year passed, the repeat pap test turn out "negative".

Well, the spotting came.  Wait for week, it seems heavier.  GP sent me to the Gynae again.  She didn't want to see me at first because she's too busy.  Straight put me to ultrasound then start from there.  Time went pass very quick.  The Dr who did the ultrasound (Not tech) put the wand in, immediately hi-light in his voice.  "You need an operation, your Endometrium is very thick."  My endometrium thickness was 16mm.

The Gynae rang me, she wanted to see me urgently.  Told me it's more likely of cancer.  Booked me in another day for D&C and hysteroscopy.  I went home at the same day before 12 noon.  Review the result in 2 weeks time.

The Gynae told me she took away a polyp right at the end of the uterus.  Sent with other tissues for biospy.  Actually the wall is not thick at all.  The thickness measured with the polyp.  That's why so thick!  The result came back with benigh endometrial polyp.  She told me, once I have a polyp.  Very likely it'll occur again and again.  If it happens, just repeat the procedure again and again.  

I hope it helps you a bit.  Please come back and let me know how you're going with your Gynae visit?
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Thank you for replying.I am so sorry to hear all you have gone through.My recent papsmear did come out good.My spotting between periods seems to be the first week or two after my period ends.Last month I went 38 days before my next period so had almost 2 weeks with out any spotting.I am going in tomorrow morning at 9am for the Biospy.They said it will be done in the office and it will be painful.I am pretty scared.Be glad when this is over.
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The results came back know cancer.So I have a appointment to go back next Thursday to talk about my options.She thinks going on the pill will stop my bleeding betwen periods.Not sure what to do.I still woner if I have Endometriosis.
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