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17 years old, and i think i might have an ED.

So for the last 3-4 years or so (I have began to notice it more lately) it seems that i've had problems with getting properly hard. I can get an erection but it never gets firm enough to have sex with.

The reason im posting this is because i've recently started engaging in sex with my girlfriend, and we have tried a couple times but usually fail everytime i have to get it up. I know that it often is performance anxiety, and you get nervous and so forth, but i am usually not anxious about having sex at all and the only problem is getting it up, which is very frustrating for the both of us. I dont even get morning wood anymore. I try to not jack off (usually only once every 2 weeks) and the only time i can get an proper erection is when i use my hands and jack off.

I have also noticed that i'm not really that horny anymore, and i rarely feel the desire to jack off to porn. The only time i feel very horny is if i haven't jacked off in a long time or if I'm with my girlfriend.

When i do come it's usually only the amount of a tea spoon.

I've also noticed some pain below my lower abdomen and above my balls after i orgasm or come. (Especially more on the left side for some reason) and the pain can linger for hours to a whole day.

I've been to the doctor and they said that there is no shortage of testosterone, and all they told me to do was just to wait and see.

I have alot of pubes and hair on my body, as well as an adams apple and a deep voice. I entered puberty around 12-13 so i have an decently developed body already.
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You can mention to your regular doctor that you don't get morning erections at your next well check doctor visit. You're old enough to go to the exam room by yourself without your mother if you don't want to discuss that in front of her.  You don't have to mention the issue during sex and can just say during arousal you hard time getting an erection. Your doctor will get it from that.  I would say this is likely mostly mental in your case as you are a young person.  It's not actually all that uncommon.  Guys just don't talk about it.  Here's an article. https://www.healthline.com/health/erectile-dysfunction/young-men.  Are you over weight?  How's the hormones?  They can do some blood work and check that to make sure you are in proper ranges.  Otherwise, how's your mental health?  
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