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Erectile Dysfunction

Hello, I am 18 years old soon to be 19 going to be in my second year of university. I have been masturbating since I was a freshman in high school and there really hasnt been any problems at all until recently. I have usually masturbated a few times each day while watching porn/hentai. But a few days ago I did masturbate like a lot continuously and now when I try to masturbate while watching hentai, it is extremely hard for me to get an erection. I mean I can but I would be in the restroom for like an hour or so trying to get it hard. I have usually gotten it hard while watching hentai without a problem, and usually when I think about the porn/hentai, I get hard but now I dont which is a bit irritating and it worries me. I have read that masturbation is completely normal as long as it doesnt become a problem/interfere with my personal life such as making me skip out/late to work, or not hang out with friends/family but that isn't really a problem for me. The only times I would masturbate would be once in the morning(sometimes) sometimes in the day(like once or twice) but it usually at night a few times before i go to bed(in hour intervals usually since I go to bed but I dont actually sleep, but just watch movies on my phone) but If i have something going on like hanging out with my family or going somewhere I usually do that and wouldnt skip out because I want to masturbate. I have also read that if I can't get a hard on its because I need to wait a little so that my part needs time to be active again, so I was wondering how long I should wait without masturbating/watching porn/hentai. It is honestly hard for me to go even a few days without it because I'm so used to it. I am 18 so I can't really have a sex partner to help me forget about masturbating/hentai. Its hard for me to go a few days without it because when I tell myself to resist and stop thinking about it, it just makes me think about it more. It's as if I feel horny, and I get the feeling/pleasure of releasing/wanting to release it(hard to describe) but I can't get a hard on. Sometimes I can get a hard on at the beginning but then it slowly starts to deflate and since I am already in the middle of masturbating I am feeling really horny and wanting to release but I can't because I am no longer hard. So as of right now, I'm trying my best to resist and its only been a day and so I wanted to know how long i would have to wait(like an estimate)/go on without watching porn/masturbating until i am "active" again and some tips on things I can do to resist the urge?? It is getting really irritating and I am worried about what might happen....I can't hold on. It is too hard!!! Before this happened, whenever I think about hentai/get horny, I would just masturbate, release and then I would no longer be thinking about it(or barely) and I feel satisfied and because after I would release, I really dont think about it anymore until maybe at night then it doesn't really cause many problems for me/interfere with my life. PLEASE HELP!! Give me some tips or advice PLEASE!!! I dont really have anyone to talk to about because I don't have an older brother, and talking to my parents would feel and be extremely weird....Thank you!
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Getting an erection and then ejaculating are wonderful feelings, but you need balance and not allow masturbation to continue as an obsession.  This is a good time for you to develop discipline by limiting your masturbation activities, and you are the only one that can do that.  Even a young body can only do so much, and your sex organs need time to recuperate.  Learn to enjoy the sexual tension between ejaculations.  I do recommend talking to a parent for good advice.  They would want to help now as they have in the past.      
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