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Erectile dysfunction at 15

Hello im 15 and recently ive been suffering from some degree of erectile dysfunction and its really stressing me out and could at some point lead to depression knowing that at such a young age its a worry.

basically i struggle to keep a constant erection and without watching porn it will go down after 5 seconds which strongly fears me and getting an erection is a lot harder lately considering i used to become horny so easily and an erection was just a thought of an attractive girl naked or something as simple as that, i've been able to get erections over the simplest of things, now its not like that it seems very hard to get hard and then ejaculation takes longer than usual.  i've masturbated almost everyday since about 13 even more than once on some days 2,3 maybe even four and recently i've received after ejaculation a red part on my penis on my penis just before my scrotum and a red blister looking thing on my penis whilst erect and about half way through masturbation i can see it, another problem is a small vein on my penis recently after masturbation has got a part to it which has a slightly different colour as if its been damaged slightly, also after ejaculation the smaller veins on my penis seem to swell up almost and stick out more up untill about 3 days ago in which one of the parts where the smaller vein was a different coulour stuck out a lot and looked swolen.

another problem  is after ejaculation i notice my scrotum becomes very red and now seems redder than usual even without an ereciton this makes me extremely worried. another problem about my scrotum is that its over the past week or so become extremely saggy, like so much more than normal this is really stressfull for me and i feel usually few weeks bag if i was really hard and full on erect my scrotum and testicalls wouldn't feel saggy at all. a reason for this could simply be the fact that my laptop is sat on my lap for hours endlessly and their are lots of things on google and in papers that over time it can cause infertility, i really hope this wouldn't have happened to me, surely at 15 infertility couldn't be the case!?
anyway this is really getting at me i couldn't be more stressed about this, i dont have the slightest clue what to do and i would love some advice or solutions as to whats wrong it would so appreciated if anyone could contribute anything to try and help as depression going into my gcse year wouldn't be very good for me please guys i would be so happy for a message, anyway thanks for reading this.

cheers, regards; Jack.
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i'll take your advice and see what happens, Thank you.
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my suggestions , you are still young, try taking vitamin E and Zinc separately. it takes a week to get a results.
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my suggestions:

Yes... zinc, also omega 3, a multi vitamin.

You need to stop masturbating so much.  If you masturbate that often you are disturbing your puberty...  You need those erections to grow your penis... it could end up an inch shorter than what it should be so please be careful and you need to understand you are still growing.   You need those nightly erections and a decent amount of testosterone to grow that penis.  

In addition, if you masturbate that frequently you will have low testosterone... all your testosterone is being used up with your masturbation.

At your age... it might be better not to masturbate... or 2-3 times a week is a safe amount.  
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All studies indicate that masturbation, orgasm, or abstinence has very little effect on testosterone levels.
Masturbation and orgasm do not use up testosterone. Complete nonsense.

Here's a link to that very question -
What's the connection between orgasm and testosterone levels?

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i dont maturbate at all, i have a girfriend now, i have depression and i used to get erections so easily, i am 15 years old and ive been trying to achieve an erection altely but its just not working, ive been trying for a week now, ive tried masturbating but absolutely nothings happening, im no longer even getting pre ***... can anyone relate/help me in this situation? please message to this email (***@****)
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