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Is there a link to my erectile dysfunction and my abdominal pain?

I've had serious problems with erectile dysfunction for about 9 months. As far as I can tell, that's when I started having problems with my lower abdomen. It's a mild but persistent pain. I've been to a few doctors now, and no one has been interested in entertaining the idea that these 2 problems, that were introduced in tandem, have a common cause. I'd appreciate your thoughts.

Some more information:
I'm 27. Male.
I've gotten a lipid panel done. Everything's fine.
I've been on Lithium 450mg for 2 months.
I've had extreme fatigue for maybe 2 months. Hmm...
My testosterone is in the low 300s. I just recently started testosterone therapy.
At the time of the problem, I had taken Cymbalta for a few months. I discontinued use.
I've taken SSRIs for about 15 years. It's been at least 6 months since I've taken an SSRI.
I experienced mild and sporadic ED for about 2 years, and then in the Cymbalta period it became severe and chronic.

The gastroenterologist heard "ED" and sent me to the urologist. The urologist suspected low testosterone. He ran some tests. They came back low. He, however, said they were "normal". So I went to another doctor and he couldn't write the prescription fast enough.
I've been eager to accept a solution, so I can rest easy that my problems will be dealt with, but I can't deter this nagging feeling that the answer has to incorporate both my libido and my abdomen.
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Has anyone done an MRI on your gut to see if they can tell what's causing your pain in that area?  Even though it is mild pain, it would seem that checking out that area is worth doing, whether or not it is connected with your ED.
No one has suggested anything like that. Do you think that would be more productive than an endoscopy or colonoscopy or something?
If you are concerned about the pain in that area, a lower abdomen/pelvic MRI would show most anything out of the ordinary.  
I see. Well I appreciate. I imagine it'd be a good idea to try to convince my doctor that I need one then.
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Do you masterbate a lot? Or did?
I guess I did. Once a day. Sometimes more.
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do you eat a lot of salt? may sound stupid but my better half had way to much due to bad eating habits and lack of exersise. one he ate proper and got active zero problems since ;)
I appreciate the advice. I work out regularly and eat pretty well. Today I had bacon, eggs, carrots, and I'm about to have some Chicken. No red flags there I don't think.
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Normally there would be no connection with abdominal pain and masturbation. tow However if abdominal pain is continual, you may show to gastroenterologist or urologist...
I've actually seen both. The gastro felt around on my stomach, but then after I mentioned ED, he sent me along to see a urologist. The urologist gave me blood tests, then threw his hands up. I'm planning on seeing another doctor soon. It just seems like I have to steer these people.
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