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no physical reason for erectile dysfunction, it's mental

So, what if you have been to the doctor and there appears to be no physical reason for your erectile dysfunction? That's a tough spot to be in. They are telling you it is psychological. What types of things do you or can you do that will help?
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I think it's great all the help you've been providing people, GuitarRox.  I would add that doctors tend to jump to the psychological rather quickly, so I wouldn't take their word for that as written in stone.  I'd take it with a huge grain of salt, especially if they've run no tests, or next to no tests, and don't even ask enough questions.

We don't see this with other parts of the body.  If you go to see the doctor, and suddenly you can't bend your arm the way you used to, they don't just sit there with you for five minutes with a little smile saying bud, you just need to calm down, take deep breaths, work on your mindfulness etc.  They would start by assuming it was physical and do one test after another in search of the cause.  They don't often do that with penile issues, probably because there is not a lot most urologists think they can do about it anyway.  If anything, they'll jump to management and prescribe drugs (without giving proper instruction on them by the way, a lot of the time).

My suspicion is the overwhelming majority of ED cases are physical.  I'm not discounting when it is psychological for some people and then there are different strategies for that, but it should take a lot to conclude that, like a psychological assessment, assessing "morning wood" when there should be zero issues if it's psychological and questions about if there's been a change and when there's been a change and different physical tests, etc.  If the doctor jumps to psychological after just a 5 minute chat, it means he or she is being lazy or just has no other solution.  I'd go see a different doctor or demand tests or something like that.  Definitely don't believe him on a 5 minute or so chat.
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I think most doctors try to rule out physical first. They do like to treat things . . . sometimes too much so if you know what I mean. A medical answer is solid. Psychological basically is saying they can't help you (Unless they are a psychologist). So, my experience is that most docs try to figure out if there IS something they can help with. So much mental goes into erection. Issues when young are different than issues when older. just hormonal shifts that we go through change things. Not mental, that's a physical thing but they often can't figure that out. I do think if a doctor jumps to psychological after a 5 minute chat, they've not done their job. I do agree with you!
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