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High Heart Rate

I am helping a female, 40 years old, with her athletic goals.  I am a combination of endurance athlete (1/2 ironman distance) and high intensity weight training.  I was running with this person ~11 minute miles the other day, and her heart rate was 188.  She is 5'-9" tall, very fit, and does weight training and some cardio.  Her goal is to do endurance athletics, so I interoduced her to Dr. Phil Maffetone 180-age heart rate training tro improve cardiovascular function.  My own experience is reduced heart rate(`50 bpm) and progressively more strenuous activity at lower heart rates (I am 46 years old).  I am interested in how a doctor would feel about my direction to her vs high intensity anearobic training she does.  Will anearobic training reduce her heart rate over time?  Or is this even something to be concerned with?
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I hear you say a few seperate things here. You talk of her Heart Rate of 188, but then you mention having a pulse rate of 50bpm. I want you to understand few people have a natural pulse rate of 50 and to get it that low is usually accompanied by resting (lying or sitting down) for up to 5 minutes, for most people. Her HR of 188 is very high and maybe she needs more practice training before she should be pushing her body that hard. Think of bringing her heart Rate down to low 100's like 115 or 125 bpm and then training around 140-155 bpm, 50 is to low.

Anaerobic training will not train her cardiovascular Heart Rate training as it is a different energy system. It is good for training her health but will not help her running unless she does high intesity interval training. Anaerobic, do you mean weight training? as anaerobic in a general meaning is "without adequete oxygen" ie weight training, where areobic is "with adequete oxygen" ie. running.

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