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I need help....!!

Hi my name is candis i am 24 years old i weigh 190 pounds i am 5'4 so yes i am over weight my boyfriend is a body builder so is in great shape and it makes me very insecure about myself i have tried everything but cant find anythimg i can stick to..!! I have tried going to the gym but always get real excited the first couple days and once the pain comes i give up and quit can someone please help me i am motivated alot at first but then i lose it what are some things i can try...!!
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Hello sweetcandii :) First I want to tell you about this site that really helped me with my body image issues. http://www.mybodygallery.com/ A lot of women in society lie about their weight, we are led to believe that the numbers on the scale are unhealthy and/or unnatractive so this site is for women to overcome that. If you put in your height and weight you will see pictures of other females at the same height and weight and that they are all so different looking, but all really beautiful! It really helps raise your confidence. I looked up your height and weight on there, I don't think there is anything wrong with that body type at all. I think your boyfriend would just LOVE it.

If you still wish to lose fat and get involved in a physical activity, I would reccomend to try out things until you find the perfect match. Going to the gym just isn't for everybody, and thankfully there are so many different ways to get fit!
So, have you really tried absolutely everything? I think if you are able to find something you truly enjoy and are passionate about, you won't have the problem of enthusiasm running out.
Maybe you can try some dance classes - those are always fun, and a sure way to burn calories. What about simply walking? Swimming? Going for a bike ride? Pilates, yoga... Hiking.
Taking arobic classes with other people is always good because it helps you stay motivated.
Find a friend who can do it with you and keep you encouraged.
Try zumba, I know that's a big fad right now.
What about taking up a sport of some kind? I personally love badminton.
You could always just do outdoor activities too, like gardening, landscaping, ect.

If all else fails and you find you really don't like any sort of movement lol you will have to set some personal boundaries for yourself to stick to something!

The way I like to accomplish tasks I don't like doing is rewarding myself afterwards. Maybe after every 5 workouts you treat yourself to a massage? After every workout, you have a nice relaxing bubble bath?
But really it comes down to forcing yourself to stay motivated.

Have you designed an iPod workout playlist? I find it very hard to stay interested in the same boring dull routine without music to keep me going!
Good upbeat music always makes me feel like moving.

The way I feel after I workout is another reason I like to go. I feel good about myself after.

Also, my posessions are another thing that motivates me. It's shallow I know hehe, but if I buy new fitness related things, like gloves or a cool water bottle or new workout clothes, new running shoes, I feel more excited to get to a gym to actually use them!

Sometimes I feel self concious going to gyms with lots of guys who just stand around talking and staring at everyone, so I make sure to go to places where there aren't many people that do that. It's akward when people just watch what everyone else is doing.

I usually work out alone because I prefer it, but you might enjoy working out with someone else.

Maybe you might even like it if your boyfriend was your personal trainer! I'm sure he would like that too.

Lastly, there are ways to ease the pain of muscle soreness after a workout.
Don't work out too hard when you are first getting into it.
Make sure to do a proper warm up of at least 5 minutes (light jog, or a walk).
Never stretch before your work out or you can hurt your muscles as they aren't warmed up yet.
Make sure to keep your feet moving during your workout to prevent lactic acid build up.
After your workout, make sure to do a proper cool down, and then stretch all your muscle groups properly!
Make sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after working out.
Once you get home, eat some food with carbohydrates and protien and make sure to get adequete rest so your muscles can repair.

There are ways to sooth sore muscles too, but I think I'm writing way too much so I'll stop here :) Hopefully some of this helps!

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