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Is there a "Dr. House" in the house? Help!!

Can anyone shed light on my issue? My cardiologist even took my case to the Cleveland Clinic only to come back with, "They have never seem anything like you before." That's scary!! I have been misdiagnosed by every "ologist" out there. Whichever one you are with, you are diagnosed within their parameter of knowledge. As a result I have been diagnosed with everything from CFS, Lupus, MS, neurological, POTs, Fibromyalgia (non of which ended up being accurate) and most recently Addison's Disease, and adrenal insufficiency as a result of my longlist of symptoms:                                                                                                                                                      - Difficulty getting up in the morning
- Continuing fatigue not relieved by sleep
- Chronic insomnia (wired but tired)
- Craving for salt or salty foods
- Lethargy - lack of energy even for things once loved
- Increased effort to do everyday tasks
- Decreased sex drive
- Decreased ability to handle stress
- Increased time to recover from illness
- Intolerance to exercise
- Light headed when standing up quickly
- Mild depression
- Less enjoyment or happiness with life
- Increased PMS or bloating
- Symptoms increase if meals skipped or inadequate nutrition
- Thoughts less focused, more fuzzy
- Memory less accurate
- Decreased tolerance - agitation
- Best time of day between 4-6pm
- Decreased productivity

HOWEVER as certain as my doctor was based upon a 24 hour saliva collection that showed my cortisol almost non existent, I just got all my blood work back from the endocrinologist who was testing me for Addison's Disease and it showed my cortisol levels normal. BUT my Aldosterone was low as was my WHITE BLOOD CELL COUNT. Here is an interesting angle I have not seen posted. I had tried working out the day before my blood work and ACTH test as my only little "test study" as I have been suspicious of how my body responds after very mild exercise. FORGET the over working out...I am trying to pull off 10 minutes on a slow elliptical. FULL BLOWN FLU symptoms. I am 49 weight 118 and eat pure organic so the toxin issue though plausible doesn't seem to fit me. I have done the probiotic, high grade vitamins including MAGNESIUM as low levels can lead to symptoms mentioned. NOTHING works long term. SO DOES MY BODY VIEW EXCERCISE AS AN ATTACK AND SOMETHING THE IMMUNE SYSTEM MUST FIGHT...hence the low white cell count?  THIS at least intrigued my GP and we will be running more blood test as ALL prior blood work for past two years did not show a decrease in WBC. ONLY after I exercised did the WBC drop and I mean a lot! What doctors do not know much about and pride gets in the way of their being candid, is the hormone adrenal connection. The medical community will only acknowledge diseases and disorders that a pharmaceutical company has a treatment for. Sorry to sound so cynical but it's all about the money. Want to make a doctors head spiral around...mention ADRENAL FATIGUE. They will only acknowledge adrenal insufficiency if the gold standard ACTH test shows low cortisol. Well my blood work was fine (except the Alderosterone) and I have hypoglycemia, dizziness upon standing, low blood pressure and heart rate, go ice cold "on the inside" of my body including face and eye lids, though skin can feel warm to touch and others times ice cold inside and outside my body.  Leg aches and heaviness, arms too.  ALL these symptoms correlate with low adrenal function. So in desperation I had a 24 hours saliva test through Neuro Science Lab (best around for homeopathic) and my cortisol barely registered on the graph. All this to say, read up on Adrenal Insufficiency-Adrenal Fatigue and you will find what you are all experiencing!

Final note - all FDA approved medications have a level of toxicity to be approved this is why most people end up with a medication cocktail. One to offset the side effects of the other. The ONLY positive results I have seen is through hydration (clean filtered water) and eating "live" unprocessed foods (organic) and NO sugar, caffeine, alcohol, spicy foods, etc. - they all affect the chemical balance and increase symptoms. Any help, suggestions, a "Dr. House" reading this, is much appreciated. Keep this blog going because the journey is long and lonely!
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