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Dark shadow covers most of right eye vision

It all started 2 months ago i noticed i had a dark spot in the top left corner of my vision of my right eye. it wasn't big enough for me to notice when i had both eyes open. Little by little its grown to cover at least 40% of the vision on my right eye when im looking straight. When i look all the way to the right the black spot covers 80% of my vision and if i look all the way towards my left its like 10%. I know its confusing but im really freaked out. Its hard for me to focus on things when they are far away like street signs. I have to close my right eye completely to see clearly. The line between the dark spot and the rest of my vision is now distorted and only sometimes can i slightly see light through the dark mass. I don't have insurance or money to pay out of pocket for a medical eye exam. Did anyone have this as well that can maybe put a name to this? any tips or anything really.. thank you
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You desperately need to see an ophthalmologist as your description most resembles a retinal detachment that is getting bigger. Left untreated it can cause the entire eye to go blind.  If there is a 'safety net" hospital for the poor or indigent with eye services I would head their immediately.  You might also discuss with your extended family borrowing money to get it looked at, diagnosed and treated.  PLEASE TAKE ACTION, THIS IS NOT SOMETHING YOU CAN HANDLE YOURSELF. YOU NEED TO SEE A EYE MD OPHTHALMOLOGIST.
Oh my goodness. Thank you very much for commenting! I will do what i can to get treatment.
Best of luck and as a learning experience for other using this forum, please take the time to come back and post what was the cause.
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