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Facing an issue of eye floaters & cataract in both eyes.

Many of you usually see eye floaters (Black or greyish spots or black lines of lotus shape) when you go outside or in sunlight. But I see floaters 24/7 floating around my eye. Let me tell you that I am only 24 years old and I live in Karachi, Pakistan and I have taken 4 appointments in 6 months from different eye consultants and all were saying that you have cataract in your both eyes but don't worry you don't need to disturb it right now. When I asked about the eye floaters then they told me that I don't need to worry about it and there is no treatment for eye floaters and it is not even harmful for my eyes and I just need to ignore it and it will go gradually. One Doctor of Liaquat National Hospital told me that cataract will be treated in a surgery at the age of 40 or more. After 2 months, I again feel some disturbance I decided to take an appointment from some other other consultant near Lasania Restaurant, Karachi, Pakistan. He told me the same that I have cataract in my both eyes but I don't need to disturb it, we will treat it later and he told me to go for Lasik and told me that your retina is little bit weak so its up to you if you want to go for Laser treatment. My family decided that we don't go for any laser surgery as we don't want to take any risky step. After that I decided to ignore the eye floaters and tried to focus on my work and started traveling again. But after one month I again feel eye anxiety so I again took an appointment from the same doctor and he said that all the conditions are same as before. After 2 months I decided to took an appointment from some other doctor. Then I decided to go to Hashmanis Eye Hospital after I heard good reviews about them. They told me that you dont have to worry about eye floaters or you dont have to undergo any Laser surgery and if some doctor is saying that then it means he/she just making money from you, so he told me to just calm down and relax. But after that they surprised me by saying that my left eye's cataract is now grown up and can be treated now. I said that nobody suggested me the cataract surgery at this moment and in 2 months the cataract has become mature enough. How is that possible?? Now I am facing eye anxiety, I am a tour operator professionally and I am an electrical engineer too. But right now I don't want to work anymore just because these floaters and eye anxiety are pulling me back. Please suggest me what to do?
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