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Flashes after Retinal Tear/Detachment Surgery

I had been seeing flashes of light in the right peripheral corner of my right I for a few months. I know I should have had it checked sooner, but let it slip.  Long story short, I finally saw an opthamologist and confirmed I had two small retinal tears and the vitreous had seeped behind the retina.  I had laser photocoagulation to seal the tears and area where the vitreous had gone behind the retina.  I saw flickers of light a week or so after and went back in to get checked, the doctor told me I was fine after examining my eye.

Now, I am seeing the same flashes that I saw before, in the same area of the eye. I know that flashes can persist for weeks afterward, but these seem almost identical to what I saw pre-surgery.  Is this common?  I am scheduled for a follow-up appointment in 2 weeks, but am afraid to wait.

Background: I am 26, male, very nearsighted/significant myopia.
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Flashing is the reaction of retina when being pulled.  It should be your vitreous that is still pulling down the retina.  IF I were you, during this 2 weeks, I will see other opthomists to recheck.    It's worth having youre retina checked oftenly at this period.
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Yes it is common, it take 4-8 weeks for the laser adhesions to form and seal the holes. Sealing the holes does not necessarily mean that the traction on the retina from the vitreous which is what the flashes are caused by will stop.

If the flashing gets a lot worse, if you have showers of floaters or you lose part of your peripheral vision return immediately to your surgeon ophthalmologist

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