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Mystery Chronic Dry Eyes/Pain

Hello and thank you for reading.

Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height: 5'
Weight: 85 lbs
Past surgery: deviated septum 8 years ago

Problem: 7 years ago I started getting dry eyes out of no where and it ruined my life. My eyes get very dry real fast. They are very sensitive to sun light to the level where I have to wear my sunglasses indoors even when there isn't direct light on my eyes. I can't be on the computer for a long time, and I can't study or read books for an extended period. I can't put any make up on and haven't done so for 7 years (no joke!). The worse part is crying, if I ever cry, I have to go through severe pain for several weeks before I go back to my normal self (dry eyes and moderate pain). Lastly, I get excruciating one sided head aches that have all the symptoms of cluster head aches.

I've been to several different optometrists as well as ophthalmologists over the years. I've been diagnosed with chronic dry eyes but none were able to pin-point the root of the problem. Most of them said they could not find anything wrong with my eyes, other than the fact that they are dry. However, as mentioned before, I don't put make up on and I never sit in front of a computer or TV screen for a long time. So the dry eyes has to come from an internal factor.

Professional Help: I gave up on eye doctors and went to neurologists, thinking maybe it's my eye nerves that are causing all this. Once again, the doctors couldn't find anything wrong. Since I had a deviated septum surgery about 8 years ago, I thought maybe the surgeon did something wrong and caused all this. So I went back to my original surgeon but after testing he couldn't find anything wrong. I saw another ENT surgeon for a second opinion and he also did a cat scan, but once again, he didn't find anything wrong me.

Home Remedies: I do cold (tea bags) and hot compress (hot towel) and they both help temporary, but on the the days that I've cried even that does not help. I also use both Refresh Plus Lubricant Eye Drops and Refresh Celluvics Lubricant Eye Gel, again they give me very temporary relief but they don't fix the problem. I have taken omega-3 and omega-6 capsules as well other vitamin supplements but they have had no effect. I also live a very healthy lifestyle; I exercise about 3 times a week, I hardly ever eat red meat or fatty foots, and I eat vegetables and fruits and lots of home cooked meals.

I really don't know what to do anymore, I used to be really sad that I couldn't put make up on, but now I just want to be pain free. Please help in anyway you can you're my only hope!

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Both my wife and I have severe dry eyes.  Artificial tears and omega 3 give only partial relief. Both my wife and I are on restasis. There are two types of dry eyes one where the eye waters constantly  called evaporative or lipid deficiency type and the other where there are no tears call aqueous deficiency.  My wife has first type; I have second.  She has been on restasis for 5-6 years with complete relief (after about 6 months) and I have been on restasis for 9 months (with complete relief afer 6 months).

See an ophthalmologist read about restasis on their web-site and expect it to take 5-6 months for them to start working. Most ophthalmologists prescribe a steroid eye drop for a couple of weeks to prevent stinging and if you are really miserable tear duct plugs might be put in to help while the restais starts to work. Over 6 months restasis reduces inflammation on the surface of the eye and make you eye produce a better quality tear.

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