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Please help CRVO /laser treatment

Hi there
Please can you give me any advice
My husband was diagnosed with CRVO in October 2013 he lost complete sight
in one eye over the duration of three days, In December he had an injection
into the eye and was to have them each month for three months. The first
injection gave him an agonising shooting pain from his eye to his head
which lasted about 1 hour, so when he went for his second injection a month
later unfortunately he had a panic attack and could not go through with it.
the specialist assured him not to worry as there are other options he could
take and booked him in for a scan the following month to see if there had
been any change. my husband attended the scan two days ago and was seen by
a different specialist who was on duty, my husband was told that there were
excess vessels growing and that they are now dealing with a blind eye and
the only way forward is to put him under anaesthetic and  to laser the eye
because if they don't then he'll have to have the eyeball removed? The
specialist said that his eye will still appear 'normal ' cosmetically and
that it will still move as normal  We are wondering whether this is true?
what exactly does the laser treatment do? Please help ?
Many thanks
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First and foremost concentrate on keeping the remaining eye healthy. CRVO often occurs because of health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, obesity, lack of exercise, high cholesterol. He needs to lead a very very healthy lifestyle and also avoid things that might injure the good eye.

Suggest you get a second opinion from a different group of retina Eye MDs. Once neovascularization (new vessels" develops the laser is often the way to go.

Again do EVERYTHING to keep the other eye healthy.

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As the highest risk to vision as we get older and age is macular degeneration both you and your husband read this article and follow those recommendations to keep the "good eye"  healthy:


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Thank you I really appreciate your reply, We are still unsure as to why he got CRVO in the first place, all tests have returned as normal.  My husband has given up smoking and  stopped  weight lifting at the gym as we feel these May be  the risk factors . He is 42 years of age .
please could you tell us if laser treatment will have an effect on his eye as far as appearance is concerned ?
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No the laser does not effect the external appearance of the eye.  And smoking is a huge deal. Smoking dramatically increases the risk of CRVO at any age and many other eye disease including macular degeneration, cataracts.

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I am very grateful for all feedback regarding my husbands condition. Up until now we have felt so alone, We understand the pressure and shortage of doctors in our area but my husband has never seen the same consultant twice, always a different medical professional which is sad because its frustrating having to explain everything from start of condition to now. My husband is treated as though on a conveyor belt, there seems to be no care involved at all. Although my husband is only blind in his left eye due to CRVO, the sight is poor in his right eye due to a trauma injury as a child, where a nail pierced into his eyeball. Until now, he had always depended on the 'good' eye and is now left with the trauma eye for sight. Is there any thing that can be done to improve his right  eye to enable better vision? He is only able to see outlines of objects. We have three young children and being unable to see our children's facial expressions is what upsets him most.

Kind regards
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Sarah let me be frank. I founded this forum in 2007. We have had many many UK posters unhappy with NHS. The only think I can suggest is that you see a private practice eye consultant so call Harley Street professional. The most internationally know eye hospital in England is Moorfields Hospital

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