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Victrectromy outcome for long duration ERM?

Hi. I would like both some opinions and patient experiences with a vitrectomy for a log standing >5 yrs ERM.

Long story short - I realize that the outcome is far better and more successful for an ERM of short duration. However, due to some questions of safety regarding possible complications because of glaucoma at the time the ERM was originally diagnosed, the surgery was not done, and I've lived with distorted vision. However, now there has been no further visual field lose from glaucoma, it's been well controlled, and retinal surgical techniques have been improved, I am again considering the procedure. Both my retinal surgeon and my new glaucoma specialist are confident the IOP can be managed successfully. The only thing now to consider is the risk/reward ratio for this long standing ERM.

Now that I've had cataract surgery, the ERM distortion is much more noticeable and worrisome.

So, I'm seeking information from anyone who has the same experience, either from a patient or MD point of view. Realistically, I expect there would not be a great acuity improvement (the eye is BCVA about 20/50, but fuzzy at that), but the main problem I hope to correct is the double, twisted and different sized images that come from both eyes seeing things at different sizes and places. Unfortunately, the bad ERM is in my dominant eye, so there is a constant fight between the two. The other eye has a mild ERM with minor distortion, but decent acuity.

Any opinions or experiences would be greatly appreciated.

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There are scores and scores of detailed discussions of ERM surgery, post operative course, results, etc. You can access them with the search feature or archives.
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