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Anovulation Bmi/ depression? or pcos?

I've not had a period since the birth of my son two years ago! I had pnd and lost a lot of weight, my bmi went down to 15.9 at lowest (it was 18-18.5 pre pregnancy) it's not back up to 17-17.5 ish I've had blood tests and a scan showed some scarring and pco my fsh was elevated at 14! But had an amh done that was normal!! Drs say all results are conflicting?! And to gain more weight (I'm trying) I had a pill induced period (withdrawel bleed) that was normal flow for 7 days!!
I really want another baby and I'm starting to feel a bit down about it all again I also am prone to anxiety anyone have any advice?
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If you were my patient, I would advise you that the AMH test tends to be a better predictor of fertility than the FSH.  I would also advise you that rathe than PCOS, I would suspect hypothalamic amenorrhea resulting from your weight loss.  If you regain weight up to a bmi of 18-23 you will probably begin to have periods again.  The fact that you had a withdrawl bleed with Provera is a very good sign, and suggests that your body is producing estrogen.  If you remain anovulatory and don't begin to have regular periods once the weight is gained, it may be possible to induce ovulation with oral medications such as Clomid or Femara.
Don't worry too much and gain more weight.
Good luck!
Dr B
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