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am i going towards infertility?? help me angel!

Frm past 1.5 yrs i m suffering frm periods prblm. It started when i missed period first time..nxt month also i got no periods..at the end of next month i went to a doctor and she gave me medicine due to which within 14 days i got periods. But then again next month i got no periods. For 3-4 months i drank evecare syrup (ayurvedic) but my date in every month used to get postponed. When i stopped that syrup..i again got no periods. then i tried homopathethic medicine also but no success..firstly periods wont come..and secondly if they come then postponed by 8-9 days. I was advised to have my blood and hormonal tests, which i m going to tell u..u plz tell me wat is the root cause or problem behind this. 
FT3.           3.14 Pg/ml 
FT4.            1.13 Ng/dl 
F T.S.H.        2.47 Uiu/ml 
S.Prolactin.   17.87 mg/dl 
S.L.H.           5.13 miu/ml 
S.FSH.           3.27 miu/ml 

TEST.          RESULT 

T.L.C.            6800 /cmm.      Neubauer chamber 
D.L.C.  Neutrophils 60. %.     Leishman' stained 
           lymphocytes.37 %.      Slide method 
           monocytes.   01 % 
           eosinophils.  02 % 
           basophils.     00 % 
           immature cells 00 % 

E.S.R.               15 mmlsthr.       Westergren's 

S.Cholestrol.     182.9 mg/dl.              End point 
S.Triglycerides.  172.3 mg/dl.             End point 
H.D.L.                 57.4 mg/dl.              End point 
L.D.L.                 91.1 mg/dl.               Calculated
V.L.D.L.              34.4 mg/dl.               Calculated
TC/HDL Cholestrol ratio.  3.0 mg/dl.  Calculated
LDL/HDL Cholestrol ratio. 1.5 mg/dl.  Calculated 

S.Calcium.  8.6 mg/dl.     End point 
I am also suffering frm dandruff, acne; constipation. Also excessive moisture in panty. Is this white discharge?
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If you were my patient, I would advise you that you very likely have a variant of PCOS.  PCOS is a catch-all term for hormone disorders that cause irregular periods.  Patients with PCOS have reduced fertilty because they ovulate infrequently.  Usually this can be remedied with medications such as Clomid.  Because you also mention acne, I would consider ordering free testosterone, 17-OH progesterone and DHEAS in addition to the blood work you have already had done.  Your FSH is really low which is a GOOD sign pertaining to fertility.
Good luck!
Dr B
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